VFW Film – Veterans Memorial in Fountain Hills

Feel free to watch this Veterans Memorial Photo shoot film, showing the preparation work that went behind the making of the new VFW website. The film was shot at the Fountain Hills Veteran’s Memorial. The Fountain Hills Veteran’s Memorial is nationally recognized public art installation featuring sculptures by Ron Head. It was commissioned to honor all U.S. soldiers who have fought for our freedom in foreign wars. The artist worked closely with the Veteran’s committee to find the images they wanted to be historically accurate, to portray the advances in military warfare and to honor the courage displayed by the men and women of the military. This series of sculptures were commission by the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce. The installation includes 6 bronze plaques and a life size figure. The committee wanted a WWI veteran saluting the flag that flies over the Memorial. A WWI uniform was found in a local museum and a Vietnam Veteran who could fit into the extra small size uniform was the model. Photos were taken for the sculptor to use as reference and the Congressional Medal of Honor was added to his throat. The artist’s father posed for the facial features and added touches of compassion. Film produced by Yvonne Wan, of Film Ethnographer .